Starting Out

Barbados is Megapower's home and first major project. From nothing on the island, Megapower has managed the importation of electric vehicles and created the entire island-wide charging network. In doing so Megapower has become the licensed importer of ChargeMaster and Rolec chargers, and has created solar carports which utilise solar panels to charge the cars.

The Charging Network

The creation of the charging network involved coordinating with business owners to install public chargers in carparks such as supermarkets and shopping complexes, as well as selling and installing personal home chargers. In order to stay up to date with the technology, Megapower has rolled out an RFID card for customers to charge their car at any of the island wide chargers. 

The latest addition to the wall and floor chargers already available, is the Charge Master Rapid Charger, which will allow for a 0 to 80% charge in just 25 minutes for emergency charge top-ups.

From Barbados...

Our experience in Barbados has informed how we do business anywhere in the Caribbean. With such strong culture ties, we understand that the personal touch is needed when making sales, and that education to the public is an essential part of what we do. This is a constant influence, and we create or take part in events such as the EVLution Rally at Bushy Park in order to keep this conversation open for everybody. 

To The Caribbean

Megapower truly believes that the success of electric vehicles in Barbados - now at about 200 on the roads and rising - shows that this is a viable option for the whole of the Caribbean. The range of the car is not an issue, and with a solid charging network it paves the way for the sale of ever more powerful cars such as the new Nissn LEAF with a 40kWh battery. This allows a driver about 200 miles per full charge - well below the average daily usage on islands such as Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent etc. We look forward to working with more islands in creating the successes seen here in Barbados.


Our offices are located at:


The Edghill Building,

Wildey Business Park,

Wildey, St Michael,

Barbados, BB14006

Hodges Bay,

St Johns,

Antigua, P.O box 231


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