The Nissan ENV200 is the leading pure electric van on the market. We offer two different versions; the Panel Van and the Passenger Vehicle. Both are ideal for light commercial use. With a full refill at only BBD $8, you won't regret it!


The Basics

Here are some of the most important features of the vehicles, and what you can do with them!


  • 100% electric - absolutely no tanks in the car at all. You will never have to stop for petrol again!

  • Regenerative braking system means you get more for your charge.

  • Goes longer with up to 160km on a single charge! 

  • A quiet drive; no more whirring, annoying engine noises - just you, and your journey.

  • No lag. No revving. With no engine, the transmission is instant; you put your foot on the pedal, and it goes.

  • Inbuilt computer with energy and usage information, climate control, music (CD/FM/MP3/iPod) and car phone connecting straight to your smartphone via bluetooth. This is an excellent way to automatically log the locations of your fleet and the distances travelled - do away with all the messy papers clogging up your office.

  • Optimised for businesses; the passenger seat folds down completely to make a table, and you can make handsfree calls and texts directly from the cockpit.

  • The van may look normal but actually gives you more space than other vans; take out things like transmissions and oil filters, suddenly there is a lot more space for storage.

  • Intelligent key technology (iKey) means you don't even have to take the key out of your pocket or bag; simply tap against the car and it will open. It recognises the key is inside the car and allows it to be driven. Perfect for when your hands are full carrying something else.

  • Surround view cameras make backing into spaces easy; in the screan in front of you there is a live feed of where you are headed so that anything unexpected doesn't catch you unawares.

  • Provides aasy access with 2 Sliding Doors with 60:40 French back doors with panels

  • With an 80kW AC Electrical Motor, the vans can charge in just 2.5 hours, and in Barbados you will have access to both the standard charging 3.3kW networks and the fast charging 6.6kW networks! The van comes with a Mode3 32A T2 cable to make things simple.



The Acenta Rapid Plus
  • two seats 

  • full metal partition with window

  • luggage slide hook (side type) and parcel tray

  • versitile cargo area so you can add all the racks and hooks you need for your business

  • 703kg max loading weight

  • 4.2 cubic metres of luggage capacity



The Combi
  • available with either five or seven seats to fit your passengers

  • an additional 2.9 cubic metres of cargo space



Contact us to find out what we have in stock and what we can get for you!

Note: prices fluctuate depending on the model and time of purchase. We will advise you on the best course of action for your needs.

Take a look at Nissan's e-NV200 UK brochure and our spec sheets.



Our offices are located at:


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