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We hope that you are happy with all the information you have. However, there are always lingering doubts to be smoothed out. Here are a few of the issues many of our past customers have asked us about. If there is still something that has not been elucidated, contact us personally and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.


 What advantages do you see this car has over similarly priced traditional alternatives?


The Nissan Leaf cost $0.11-$0.13C per km versus $0.30-$0.35 for a gas powered car. The Nissan Leaf includes regenerative breaking technology and the overall service costs for the life of the vehicle are expected to be lower than combustion engine vehicles.


What is the current state of this infrastructure and do all local Leaf customers have access to these charging stations?


At the moment we have about 32 charging stations on the island at various locations. Our target is about 500 charging locations around the island at malls, shopping centres, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, schools, business complexes and residential. We expect to make significant headway in the charging stations arena this year.


Our offices are located at:


The Edghill Building,

Wildey Business Park,

Wildey, St Michael,

Barbados, BB14006

Hodges Bay,

St Johns,

Antigua, P.O box 231


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