By bringing the first ever electric car to Barbados we embarked on a journey to discover how the Nissan LEAF would perform on our roads and in our environment. We have been doing this by data capturing, customer feedback and a regular maintenance programme. 


Since the third quarter of 2013 we have been using Fleetcarma data loggers to capture and analysing real time usage information of two Nissan LEAFs in Barbados, translating our results into care for other Leaf owners.


We trained mechanics on the island and they are now certified by the International Maintenance Institute in Electrically Propelled Vehicle Repair and Replacement (Level 3) as well as in use of the CONSULT-III Diagnostic Tool. 

Car Maintenance


The Nissan Leaf has a recommended checkup time of 6 months, or 9,000km. After the first 6 months this is just a simple inspection, but after 12 months (or 18,000km) they require a full service. This is far less than the normal car, but it also has far fewer parts to deal with. 


The servicing will be arranged by our service technician Philip Best.


Inspections cost BBD $350 while a full service is BBD $705.


We will contact you as it is coming up to the recommended service time, but your car has a built in timer as well, that will also prompt you when checkups are due.



Charger Maintenance 


Once a charger is installed, it should run itself. However, should anything happen, we are always happy to help. We can procure all the parts within the chargers and provide you with spare charging cables, should you need them.


For more on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Solar & Wind Installations 


In our experience, once this is installed it should need minimal attention and simply produce energy. However, should something go wrong, contact us and we will put you in touch with the right engineers and electricians to solve the problem. 


Our offices are located at:


The Edghill Building,

Wildey Business Park,

Wildey, St Michael,

Barbados, BB14006

Hodges Bay,

St Johns,

Antigua, P.O box 231


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