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The launch of Megapower Ltd. in June 2013 heralded a new era of green, electric vehicles (EVs) in the Caribbean. The region is possibly the best place in the world for the mass adoption of EVs. When considering the relatively small size of the islands, flat terrain, abundance of solar or wind energy and costly reliance on imported petroleum products; a compelling case is present for a shift towards zero emission, electric transportation.

Megapower focuses on rolling out a network of publicly accessible charging stations, powered by renewable energy sources, enabling the rapid uptake of electric vehicles in Barbados and the Caribbean. We believe in the value of solid partnerships and developing lasting relationships. This is a small, albeit important, step in the right direction towards environmental stewardship and sustainability. 


Megapower has now sold over 200 EVs and is currently generating approximately 1,500 kWh from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across Barbados. 


Aside from Barbados, we are selling vehicles in Antigua, Grenada, Dominica, Saint Vincent and beyond. We have become the leading supplier of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in the Caribbean, through our exclusive distributorship with ChargeMaster Plc and Rolec, manufacturers of state of the art rapid charging units which we plan to roll out across the Caribbean for faster, easier charging.


After aquiring a relationship with Polaris America we have also broken new ground in becoming Medium Scale Wind Turbine installers with unit capacities ranging from 20-100Kw. This is an exciting step towards our green vision. We have installed one fully fuctioning turbine in Barbados and maintain this unit.  

Meet The Team

Jo Edghill

Jo worked on a range of rural development initiatives in Asia and the South Pacific, including a European Union funded democratic governance project in Papua New Guinea for two and a half years, before returning to Barbados in October 2011.  Her expertise is private sector development and she has supported a number of entrepreneurs in the Caribbean in completing business and strategic plans.


Jo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance, Accounting and Management and a Master of Arts in International Development from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. Her Masters’ Thesis “Banana Wars, What's Next for Dominica and the Windwards ?” in 2004 involved research into the preferential trade agreement between Europe and ACP countries.


Within Megapower, Jo provides overall direction on partnerships, financial controls, contract management, public awareness and market access.

Simon Richards

Simon holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and is experienced in rapid infrastructure rollout.


Simon worked for eight years for France Telecom / Orange in charge of infrastructure rollout, upgrades, maintenance, finance, and special projects, responsible for 3,000 sites in the United Kingdom. Additionally, he managed a rollout program for Digicel in Papua New Guinea, creating 100 telecom sites in 6 months, making these the most profitable on Digicel’s network.


Within Megapower, Simon provides overall direction on all product, technical and infrastructure aspects.

Stanley Barreto

Stanley holds both an Masters of Science in Renewable & Wind Energy engineering and management as well as an MBA from Texas Tech University.

Stanley has worked for more than four years, specialising in the Caribbean, Managing and/or supporting the full development process of more than 60 megawatts (MWs) of solar & wind installations across the region. With such experiences Stanley holds a deep understanding of contract management, project finance analysis, project development, and Sustainable & renewable infrastructure integration.

He continues to provide renewable consulting services in combination with the active management and development of Megapower Antigua.

Ana Herrera

Ana joined Megapower in March 2016. She holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and previously worked in the oil and gas industry as a Reliability Engineer for Baker Hughes spanning projects in Trinidad, Germany and the USA.


Ana is Megapower's Sales and Operations Manager, working across all areas of the business.

Dan Johnson

Dan supports the technical division, taking the lead on EV battery after-use projects, including off grid and grid tied solutions. A project is currently underway with Barbados Golf Club to swap out lead acid batteries.


Dan is passionate about electric transport and battery technology, having built his own electric Drag Racing car!

Johan Rogers

Johan joined the Megapower team in January 2017. He brings an extensive experience of Retail in Barbados with him, and a passion for electric cars. 

Johan supports the sales and maintenance teams, from vehicle purchases to after sales support, ensuring optimum EV experience. 

Philip Best

Philip manages Megapower's Specialist EV Service Centre ensuring our customers receive the best service experience. Philip is also responsible for the rollout and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure

Philip brings over 15 years technical experience to the team, including 11 years working as a technician with Solar Dynamics Ltd. 


Our offices are located at:


The Edghill Building,

Wildey Business Park,

Wildey, St Michael,

Barbados, BB14006

Hodges Bay,

St Johns,

Antigua, P.O box 231


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