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Solar Carports


The solar carport electric vehicle charging solution is Megapower’s first renewable energy project. Now, Megapower has designed solar carports for both Barbados and across the Caribbean. The Caribbean is the ideal place to take advantage of the Sun's energy and the carports harness this to contribute to the grid as well as charge any car plugged in directly below them. The carport at Wildey, Barbados, shows the capabilities of the carports, and has been a model to follow elsewhere. 

Carport Features

  • Charges electric vehicles using solar PV technology
  • Shaded parking

  • A visibly environmentally conscious statement, attractive to green customers

  • Attractive to current and future electric vehicles owners 

  • Energy security for the location in the event of main power outage

  • Demand charge reduction on BLPC electric bill and tax benefits

  • For commerical fleet EVs overnight charges possible via connection to the standard grid or battery storage unit.

  • A scalable, flexible, design to accomodate different locations and user requirements

  • Hurricane Category 3 Rated; can withstand winds of up to 130mph

Installation Process


The process from idea to reality;

  • Phase 1: Feasibility

  • Phase 2: Design and Planning

  • Phase 3: Construction

  • Phase 4: Commissioning and Connection to BLPC grid ​

Please note prices will vary depending on location and specifications. Additionally, full and shared ownership options are available.


The Wildey Carport, shown here, is the first of its kind, which Megapower uses as a model for further carports. This particular design includes:

  • Innovative structure ensuring zero obtrusions into the parking bays. This reduces the risk of accidental collisions or banging of doors on the frame etc.

  • 204 monocrystalline Axitec photovoltaic panels mounted to the structure, forming a 54kWP system. These panels are currently the most efficient installed in Barbados. 

  • Equipped with LED lighting 


Our offices are located at:


The Edghill Building,

Wildey Business Park,

Wildey, St Michael,

Barbados, BB14006

Hodges Bay,

St Johns,

Antigua, P.O box 231


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